Massachusetts Pirates Pave the New York Streets


By Tiffany Williams –

Massachusetts Pirates on Monday paved the New York Streets 70-51 at the Westchester County Center.

Whatever Coach Anthony Payton did during the bye week to get the Pirates fired up for Monday’s game, it worked.

This was the Pirates time, their moment to show that they could seize the day.

To start the game off, the first offensive play for the Pirates, Sean Brackett connected with Mardy Gilyard for an eleven yard pass. Gilyard catches the ball and gets the first touchdown of the game.

Up next, Pass by Brackett to the end zone and caught again by Gilyard for a touchdown.

At the end of the first quarter the Pirates led 14-13.

In the second quarter at 1st and goal Sean Brackett took it around the left side and took it in for the touchdown for his 5th rushing touchdown of the season.

Brackett with a long pass downtown to Devonn Brown who caught the ball and brought it in for the touchdown.

Brown last week guaranteed a win Monday for the Pirates.

Dexter Marquise McCluster former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, who just signed with the Pirates caught a 40 yard pass from Brackett to get his first touchdown in the NAL and for the season.

Going into the half it was Pirates paving the Streets 36-19.

In the second half the New York Streets would make the Pirates labor for a win but there was no stopping the unstopable Mardy Gilyard. This is a guy who has speed and is a good route runner. He connected with Brackett low in the end zone for another touchdown.

Brackett gets a pass to Thomas Owens in the end zone. The extra point kick by Mike Weaver was good and the Pirates 50-27 were paving the Streets with 3:11 on the clock in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Quayvon Hicks ran the ball for 15 yards around to the left side and brings it into the end zone.

Quayvon Hicks steps it up a second time, making an on side kick return touchdown.

At 1st and ten, in the 4th with 1:43 to end the game, the Pirates still paving the Streets 64-45 and Mardy Gilyard put another one in the end zone for his fourth touchdown of the game.

The Pirates came away with a 70-51 win at the Westchester County Center for their second win of the season.

The Pirates might need to make a few tweeks before playing the Streets again Saturday night but if they play just as good if not better, then they should pave the Streets in Worcester Saturday.

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