Massachusetts Pirates win big, 61-37 Saturday Night Against The Lions


By Tiffany Williams –

Saturday night Lawrence Austin started the night for the Pirates against the Lions with an interception.

Mardy Gilyard got the Pirates in the game and on the board with the first touchdown for the Pirates.

Gilyard before Saturday nights game against the Lions led the league with 21 touchdowns.

The Lions were quick in the first quarter to strike back against the Pirates and got on the board themselves.

End of the first quarter at the Columbus Civic Center, it was a tie game 7-7.

In the second quarter Thomas Owens kept the Pirates on the board for their second touchdown of the game. The point after kick attempt by Mike Weaver was good and the Pirates led the Lions 14-10.

Right down to the two minute wire in the second quarter and the Lions again struck back but this time it was in a hail Mary pass to Bones Bagaunte for a touchdown and the kick after attempt was good for the Lions to lead the Pirates 17-14.

Sean Brackett however wasn’t letting the Lions go into the half with the lead. So in a hail Mary attempt of his own, Brackett threw the ball deep and long to Devonn “Downtown” Brown for a touchdown. The kick after attempt was good and the Pirates led the Lions 21-17.

The fire was lit by the Pirates with 21-17 but Mike Weaver ended the second quarter and first half by pouring some oil on the fire with a deuce and the Pirates took the first half of the game 24-17.

In the second half the Pirates came in playing aggressive. A pass from Brackett to Owens was caught with one hand by Owens for a touchdown.

Down to the two minute wire and Mitchell Bell scored a touchdown and the kick after attempt was good.

The Pirates ended the third quarter leading the Lions 40-24.

Bones Bagaunte Started the fourth quarter getting a touchdown for the Lions but Thomas Owens answered back by putting yet another touchdown on the board for the Pirates.

The kick after attempt by Weaver was good and early in the fourth the Pirates led 47-31.

Quayvon Hicks not seen most of the game, came in at the end of the fourth to keep the Pirates up and right off the rip Hicks puts up a touchdown for the Pirates.

To add insult to injury, an on side kick by the Lions was caught by Thomas Owens and he turned that into a kick return touchdown.

Thomas Owens played extraordinarily well tonight for this Pirates team.

The Pirates win big, 61-37 tonight against the Lions.

Next up for the Pirates is the New York Streets on July 5th in New York.

The Pirates next home game will be July 13 against the Jacksonville Sharks.

Be sure to get your ticket(s) today to the Pirates next home game.

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